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Striving to continuously meet the expectations of customers

Throughout the more than110 years since its founding, Yoshinoya has provided products and services with a focus on being “tasty, low-price, and quick.” Underlying this sentiment is the desire to bring happiness to as many customers as possible. Yoshinoya’s commitment to putting customers first can be expressed with the phrase, “tasty, low-price, and quick.” This will continue to be a prized and unchanging value of Yoshinoya moving forward.
To date, Yoshinoya has continued to refine that unique Yoshinoya deliciousness that never gets old into something it can deliver “tastier” and “quicker,” and has been committed to improving customer service. In April 2013, the pricing of beef bowls was revised, and by achieving a “low-price” product, Yoshinoya offers customers beef bowls that maximize the three values of “tasty, low-price, and quick”


Store development evolving into the future

Yoshinoya pursues store development tailored to customers’ increasingly diverse needs and locations. While stores in urban areas are primarily designed around counter seating, at suburban stores Yoshinoya has actively introduced drive-through functions in light of store conditions to satisfy the needs of customers visiting by car.
When it comes to store development, high efficiency for minimal investment is also important. To date, Yoshinoya has considered systems such as diverse restaurant service formats and in-store layouts and researched the role of its restaurants. Moving forward, Yoshinoya will continue to employ outside-the-box ideas and strive to develop its stores in a way that makes it easier for women and customers with children to visit.

  • Tsukiji Store #1
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