Group Company

Hanamaru, Inc.

We offer Sanuki udon noodles, which are tasty, casual, reasonable, healthy, and loved by men and women of all ages, in self-service shops that are the mainstream in the place of origin, Sanuki. Customers can select the toppings and side dishes of their choice to enjoy udon noodles to their taste. We hope to make Sanuki udon noodles take root as a food culture, in the true sense of the term, in all parts of Japan and the world. Our overseas development efforts also commenced with the launch of a store during the Shanghai Expo in 2011. In addition to Shanghai, we have several restaurants in Suzhou and Wuhan now in China. In 2015, we have also opened the first store in Malaysia. In addition to tastiness and low prices, we will listen carefully and think about what customers want, and we aim to be first in the world for customer satisfaction.

  • Hanamaru Udon
    Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Store
  • The first Hanamaru Udon
    Store in Shanghai