Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

We disclose information in accordance with the regulations for timely disclosure of information by companies issuing listed marketable securities ("Timely Disclosure Regulations") as enforced by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
We also disclose a wide range of information that is not covered in the Timely Disclosure Regulations for the purpose of accommodating investors and do so in a fair, accurate and timely manner.

Information Disclosure Standards

In accordance with articles 2, 3 and 4 of the Timely Disclosure Regulations, we practice timely disclosure whenever information becomes available on corporate decisions, events or settlements that may influence investment decisions, inquiries are received from the Tokyo Stock Exchange or major revisions are made to important corporate information that has already been disclosed.

Method of Disclosure

We disclose relevant information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Regulations through the "TDnet Database Service" provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The information on this website is provided only as a supplement to the information required to be disclosed by law and the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As such, it may differ from information released to the press. Moreover, not all information that is released is also published on this website. Due to issues with file types and tools used, there may be a delay between when information is published on TDnet and when it shows up on the website.
We make every effort to ensure that information not covered in the Timely Disclosure Regulations is also distributed fairly through this website and other media. Therefore, interested parties should check information using both the website and TDnet, as well as other available sources.

Note Concerning Business Forecasts and Statements of Expectation

It should be recognized that the information on this website may contain projections, opinions and statements on future strategies. Actual performance may differ significantly from these projections due to external factors, such as changes in the business environment that take place following the time when the statements were made.

Investor Relations Quiet Period

At the end of our business year, we enter a "quiet period" that lasts until the earnings announcement. During this period we may refrain from making comments or answering questions concerning financial statements.

Note Concerning Use of the Website

You are requested to use this website only after thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the above provisions. The information on the website is not to be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell company shares. Neither YOSHINOYA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. nor the providers of the information accepts liability for any damage resulting from the use of this information. Any investment-related decisions are to be made at the sole discretion of the user.