Yoshinoya Holdings Understood at a Glance

Yoshinoya Holdings Group, which upholds “For the People” as its business philosophy, is an enterprise group primarily engaged in the restaurant business, with a portfolio consisting of many top brands in Japan. Since the founding of Yoshinoya in 1899, we have grown into a group comprised of 50 group companies with business operations in 28 areas worldwide.
Now that we have formulated our long-term management vision “NEW BEGINNINGS 2025,” we are taking on new challenges to innovate the restaurant industry.

PRESENTYoshinoya Holdings at Present

50 Group companies in Japan and overseas.
  • Yoshinoya
    Beef bowl chain celebrates the 120th anniversary of its foundation in Japan
  • Hanamaru
    Operation of authentic self-serve Sanuki-style udon restaurants “Hanamaru Udon”
  • Group Companies
    Overseas, developing Yoshinoya Holdings Group brands.

Annual number of customers of the Group
340 million people in 28 areas worldwide

Consolidated net sales of the Group
187.4billion yen
Consolidated net sales of the Group
Number of stores of the Group
2,766 stores
Number of stores of the Group

HISTORYYoshinoya Holdings in the Past

  • Yoshinoya celebrates
    120th anniversary of its foundation
    Yoshinoya, which is the Group’s core business, celebrated the 120th anniversary of its foundation. Looking ahead at the next 100 years, Yoshinoya will continue to take on new challenges.
    “Yoshinoya” founded in Nihonbashi
  • Making a comeback from corporate reorganization
    Yoshinoya filed for corporate reorganization proceedings in 1980, respectively, and completed the proceedings in 1987, respectively. Their strengths in bringing about new growth after correcting their mistakes and recovering from bankruptcy have been passed on to this day.
    Yoshinoya completes corporate reorganization proceedings
  • Overseas expansion since1975
    Following the opening of the first restaurant in Denver, we have made inroads into 21 areas in the U.S., Asia and the ASEAN region! Since 2011, we have also been opening Hanamaru Udon restaurants overseas.
    Yoshinoya’s first restaurant in Denver

FUTUREYoshinoya Holdings Going Forward


Long-term Management Vision

To meet the expectations of our stakeholders,
we will redefine the restaurant industry and seek strong growth based on the three keywords “People, Health and Technology.”

Going forward, we will continue to provide customers with higher value-added services through people, as a highly labor-intensive industry with high job creation capacity.
  • As a job-creating industry
    Number of employees of the Group 16,409
    Yoshinoya’s scholarship system for students working part time

    If a student joins Yoshinoya Holdings, he/she is exempt from loan repayment.
    If a student joins a restaurant company, he/she is exempt from repaying half of the loan.

    The system assists students who have difficulty in going on to university due to financial reasons and contributes to the creation of competent and enthusiastic individuals who will play an active role in the restaurant industry, not just in the Group.

  • Developing a worker-friendly environment for a diverse range of individuals
    employment rate of persons with disabilities 4.87%
    Percentage of female managers in the Group 25.3%

    Change since end of previous fiscal year+1.2%

  • Various educational training programs
    Number of training sessions conducted 231

    A variety of rank-based education and training programs are offered, including training for store managers and executives. We conducted the compliance training program targeting all employees including officers and department heads in the Group.

We will provide customers with “healthiness” backed by evidence and implement initiatives targeted at employees.
  • Development and sales of foods for specified health use

    Frozen beef bowl ingredient "Toku beef Salacia Premium" which is the first food for specified health use at eating out

  • Entry into nursing-care meals market

    “Yoshinoya’s Thoughtful Meals: Beef Bowl Ingredients” with reduced salt, designed for diminished swallowing and chewing functions due to ageing

  • Promotion of “Wellness Management”
    Health checkup rate of employees including part-time staff 91.5%

    We have appointed and inaugurated Chief Wellness Officer (CWO), who represents “Wellness Management” that incorporates employees’ physical and mental health as the Group’s pillar for management.

We are striving to build a future-oriented restaurant system that will lead to higher work efficiency and lower employee burden.
  • Introduction of ordering tablets

    Promoting the introduction of in-store and take-out ordering tablets

  • Automatic dish washing conveyer line

    Demonstration experiment launched

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