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In its Overseas Business, Yoshinoya relies on the strong and close trust-based ties it has with its partner companies to promote the expansion of its business operations. The company continues to provide appealing products and services that are designed to meet the needs of customers in all areas.

History Overseas

YOSHINOYA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. is developing its many overseas stores with the goal of being an essential part of the lives of people around the world. Currently, the company has approximately 650 stores in 18 areas and serves for 100 million overseas customers per year. ASIA YOSHINOYA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. and YOSHINOYA AMERICA, INC. and YOSHINOYA China Holdings Co., Ltd. are carrying out yoshinoya's overseas business and store operations in each region with their respective business partners.

Yoshinoya's history of operating stores in overseas locations began in 1975 with the opening of its first store in the United States. The first store was opened in Denver, Colorado, where the company began serving "Beef Bowls" (gyudon). Yoshinoya went bankrupt in 1980, and although the company filed a petition in the United States under the Corporate Reorganization Law, it was subsequently able to resume business operations on its own. After resuming operations, in 1987 the company entered the Asian market first in Taiwan and then opened stores in quick succession in Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Singapore, and other countries.

Stores in overseas locations feature unique menus developed to reflect local climate, culture, and taste. For example, the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl sold at Yoshinoya stores throughout the world, enjoys the same popularity as the Beef Bowl (gyudon).

Yoshinoya has accumulated a wealth of know-how in the more than 30 years it has been operating in the United States and the more than 20 years it has been operating in Asia. In the future the company will establish a global model to help it reach its goal of expanding its business operations to 1,500 stores overseas.

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